How do we do it? We listen, we research how professionals work, then create tools to help them save time, save hassle, and save money. If it is not better, we don’t make it. It’s as simple as that.


When you check out a ToughBuilt product, you’ll probably think “I wish I’d thought of that.” In a way, you did. Because before we start designing, we spend hours watching guys like you at work. Then we figure out how to make your life work easier, better, faster.


You probably own a tool that belonged to your Dad. It’s been sharpened, oiled, worn smooth and still works like the day it was made. That’s the kind of tools we make. We design every ToughBuilt product to last.

We invent, engineer, test, and verify every ToughBuilt product in the USA, manufacture every one to our strict quality standards and back them up with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Some people think that to get the best of anything, you have to pay a lot. That doesn’t work for us. We’re tradesmen, designers, engineers, and manufacturing experts. We take pride in value engineering every ToughBuilt tool to give you unprecedented performance. Like you, we work hard to work smarter. We take pride in providing building quality and innovation, at a price affordable to nearly everyone. Innovation made affordable.

ToughBuilt is inspired by you and is designed from its inception to make your work easier and more efficient. We are dedicated to delivering “Affordable Innovation” to you. The journey of creating the best tools is just the beginning. Our intention is to provide an avenue for each of our customers to have a voice in improving what we do. We welcome your participation and any constructive criticism or comments that may help us improve and build better tools

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