Wera Kraftform Kompakt SH 2 PlumbKit

139.95 119.95 Incl. VAT 97.52 Excl. VAT


15-piece set; in a surface-preserving, compact and extremely robust textile box; low volume and weight for simplified mobility.

  • 1 Kraftform chiseldriver 932 A (slotted) with pound-thru hexagonal blade and integrated impact cap for screwdriving and light chiselling; 2 socket wrench screwdrivers 395 HO with hollow shaft for tightening or loosening nuts on protruding threaded rods as well as fixed screws;
  • 1 Kraftform Kompakt VDE handle,
  • 4 Kraftform Kompakt VDE interchangeable blades with reduced blade diameter and integrated protective insulation, so low-lying screws can be accessed, individually tested as per IEC 60900; 1 voltage tester 247, 2 Joker Switch ratcheting combination wrenches with holding function for nuts and bolts, protecting against slippage, double hexagon geometry and extremely hard tips on the metal plate to protect against slippage at high torques, with a small return angle of 30?, switch lever for a comfortable direction change, ring end angled at 15? from the handle;
  • 4 L-keys with Hex-Plus profile (prevents the rounding of hexagon socket screws), with holding function for hexagon socket screws, hexagonal ball-end on the long arm, BlackLaser surface, plastic sleeve, all L-keys are easily identified by their colour coding and size marking.