Toughbuilt Small Electrician Pouch Ct34

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The ToughBuilt? Small Electrician Pouch transforms how professional electricians carry their tools. The patented ClipTech? Hub? allows this pouch to clip on and off any belt. And the integrated kickstand allows it to stand upright on the ground close at hand.

This pouch is designed for the ever-changing needs of the professional electrician. Made specifically for an electrician’s tools, its 13 pockets and loops include a wire-tester pocket, adjustable tool pocket, notebook pocket, tape chain, and 2 screwdriver loops. With rugged 6-Layer Construction? and heavy-duty rivet reinforcement, this reliable pouch withstands the most rigorous working conditions.

ClipTech? pouch clips on & off any belt
Kickstand your pouch and tools on the floor or table next to you
ClipTech? Hub? Included
Adjustable tool pocket
Adjust lower strap to fit long or short tools
Wire-tester pocket
Tape chain
Tape measure clip
Rugged 6-Layer Construction?
13 pockets and loops
Notebook pocket