Stanley 0-47-443 3-Piece Chalk Box Set

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Stanley 0-47-443 Chalk Line 30 Metre Blue Chalk & Level

The Stanley 0-47-443 is a 3 piece chalk set suitable for marking long, straight lines on relatively flat surfaces. It is convenient and durable, constructed from ABS plastic with a stainless-steel hook for rust resistance. This model has a 30g chalk capacity with sliding door to allow for easy re-filling and can also double up as a plumb bob.

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30g/ 1oz chalk capacity
Can be used vertically as a plumb bob
Crank folds into case for storage
High impact ABS case for durability
Holds 100ft of String
New Ergonomic Design
On-Board Hook Storage
Sliding door for quick and easy refill
Stainless steel end hook does not rust