Milwaukee 4932430908 40 Piece Shockwave Screwdriver Drill Bit Set

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Milwaukee 4932430908 Shockwave Screwdriver Drill Bit Set 40pce manufactured to give extreme durability and extend the working life of these accessories by around x10. Produced from high quality steel that has been heat treated and control hardened, the cold forged tip fits securely and accurately into the screw head minimising slippage and damage to the screw head. These Milwaukee screwdriver bits use shock zone geometry, a flexible area that absorbs the effect of impact making them ideal fro impact screwdrivers as well as standard drill drivers


  • 25mm Phillips Screwdriver Bits: x1 PH1, x2 PH2
  • 25mm Pozi Screwdriver Bits: x1 PZ1, x3 PZ2
  • 25mm TORX Screwdriver Bits: x2 TX10, x2 TX15, x3 TX20, x2 TX25, x2 TX30, x1 TX40, x1 TX50
  • 25mm Hex Screwdriver Bits: x1 4mm, x1 5mm
  • 25mm Slotted Screwdriver Bits: x1 0.6 x 4.5mm, x1 0.8 x 5.5mm, x1 1.2 x 6.5mm
  • 50mm Phillips Screwdriver Bit: x1 PH2
  • 50mm Pozi Screwdriver Bits: x1 PZ1, x1 PZ2
  • 50mm TORX Screwdriver Bits: x1 TX10, x1 TX15, x1 TX20, x1 TX25, x1 TX30
  • Hex Adaptors: x1 HEX 8, x1 HEX10
  • Drill Bits x1 3mm, x1 4mm, x1 5mm
  • 2 x Bit Holders 60mm and 152mm
  • Tough bespoke plastic case