Milwaukee 4932352455 28 Piece Shockwave Impact Screwdriver Bit Set

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Milwaukee 4932352455 Shockwave Impact Screwdriver Bit Set including tough magnetic bit holder, these Milwaukee Impact Bits use a shock zone geometry allowing the flexible area to absorb the effects of impact strokes, manufactured from high quality steel, heat treated with a forged tip for precise fitting and extended service life


  • Number of pieces 28
  • 60mm magnetic bit holder
  • 7mm, 8mm and 9mm nut runners
  • 25mm impact driver bits:-
    x1 PH1 x 25mm, x3 PH2 x 25mm, x2 PH3 x 25mm
    x1 PZ1 x 25mm, x3 PZ2 x 25mm, x2 PZ3 x 25mm
    x1 T15 x 25mm, x1 T20 x 25mm, x1 T25 x 25mm, x1 T30 x 25mm
    x1 4 x 25mm, x1 5 x 25mm
  • 50mm impact driver bits:-
    x1 PH2 x 50mm, x1 PH3 x 50mm
    x1 PZ2 x 50mm, x1 PZ3 x 50mm
    x1 T20 x 50mm, x1 T25 x 50mm
  • Heavy duty bespoke plastic folding case