Led Lenser LED7008 L7 Light Polycarbonate Torch

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The Ledco 7008 is made from the best lightweight poly carbon material this gives the torch strength and a good lightweight feel. This Ledco 7008 is incredibly energy efficient and will generate very little heat.

Ledco have created an LED with a long lasting lifespan that is measured in years rather in hours so these LED will burn brightly for up to 100,000 hours that is almost 11.5 years of continuous light. This Ledco 7008 is durable with their tough construction, small size and no breakable filaments so they can stand rough handling.

New light and strong torch with very high brightness, spot and flood beam. It has up to 85 -hours of battery life and the high intensity CREE LED light chip has a maximum intensity of 100 lumens. It has a beam range of up to 200m/650ft and has a spot to flood focus.

20m beam range.
Made from polycabonate
Supplied with 2 x AAA batteries.