Led Lenser iW5R-Flex LED Rechargeable Inspection Lamp

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Fold out lamp head
Floodlight and spotlight for ultimate versatility
High and low settings to provide the right light for your needs
Chip-on-Board technology for even light distribution
Charge Indicator: It shows the current charge status of the battery
Battery Indicator: It shows the current level of the battery


Battery Voltage: 3.7 volt
Battery Capacity: 9.60 Wh
Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithum-Ion
Bulb Type: COB LED
LED Configuration: 12 watt
Maximum Light Output: 600 lumen
Minimum Light Output: 250 lumen
Maximum Run Time: 4 hours
Minimum Run Time: 2 hours
Head Diameter: 29 mm
Weight: 0.093 kg