EGO Power+ EA0800 Multi Tool Edger Attachment

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Coupled with the EGO Power+ power head, this lawn edger attachment will cut a clean edge to your lawns and flowerbeds.

Equipped with a 3mm diameter 20cm edging blade, the working depth is adjustable up to 75mm. The edger attachment features a guide line to ensure a precise, straight edge, whilst the aluminium guard with rubber skirt will protect the user from any flying debris.

Brand: EGO Power+
Blade Length: 20cm, 3mm thick, 25.4mm arbour size
Working Depth: Up to 75mm
Length: 92cm
Power Source Compatibility: PH1400E power head with 56V battery
Approx Run Time: 5.0Ah: 60 mins
7.5Ah: 100 mins
10.0Ah: 132 mins
23.0Ah: 320 mins
28.0Ah: 530 mins
Weight: 2.3kg