Bosch GCL2-15 Compact Cross Line Laser with BM3 Wall Mount

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The Kit Includes:

Bosch GCL-2-15 Self Levelling Cross Line & Plumb Line Laser Level
Bosch Storage Carry Storage Pouch for the Laser.
RM-1 Magnetic Multi-Functional Rotating Mounting Base.
Red Target Plate.
3 x AA Batteries.
Fully Operating Instructions.
3 Years Warranty When Registered Online.

Features on the GCL-2-15 Laser:

  • The compact and versatile GCL 2-15 Professional Combi Laser from Bosch is now available for use in all leveling applications at distances of up to 15 m.
  • It can be used to project both a horizontal and a vertical laser line as well as two centered plumb points for transfer applications on the floor and ceiling.
  • The highly visible laser lines can be easily and precisely aligned in a 360? circumference around the fixed plumb points ? without having to reposition the tool.
  • This is made possible by the RM 1 Professional rotating multifunctional mount, which enables users to secure the tool in a wide variety of places on the floor, wall or ceiling.
  • The mount consists of an angle bracket with rubber base feet. The back of the mount has strong magnets, enabling the tool to be secured to iron girders or other magnetic structural elements.
  • The GCL 2-15 Professional fits easily and securely into this mount.
  • If the laser is placed on the floor within this mount, the plumb point projected downwards is always easily visible thanks to the elevated position of the tool.
  • The GCL 2-15 Professional simplifies precision work for tradespeople such as carpenters, electricians, installers and drywallers.
  • For example, the individually operable laser lines enable installations and products to be fitted precisely and drywalling to be installed more easily.
  • Moreover, the plumb points can be used to transfer the desired position of fire alarms, lights, or even entire lighting grids precisely from the floor to the ceiling.
  • The combi laser enables you to complete all these tasks with just one tool ? each in a single operation.
  • This allows users to save time and complete their work quickly and efficiently.
  • A truly universal tool thanks to its combination of new and proven functions
  • The levelling function also ensures that even slopes can be achieved, such as when installing pipes/handrails/staircase constructions, by simply using the laser in the ‘locked-on’ position.
  • When projecting horizontal and vertical lines, the self-leveling function guarantees exact results with an accuracy of ? 0.3 mm/m ? all in under four seconds.
  • If the combi laser cannot automatically level the laser lines due to surface irregularities of more than four degrees, the laser lines will flash. This “Out of Level” function always guarantees faultless alignment.
  • All functions of the GCL 2-15 Professional can be adjusted easily via the intuitive user interface.
  • The pendulum lock ensures safe transport.
  • The combi laser can also be mounted on standard tripods with a 1/4″ or 5/8″ thread.

Specifications on the GCL 2-15:

Working range of visible laser lines – 15m
Working range of plumb dots – 10m (up and down)
Accuracy laser lines – +4?
Dust & Splash water protection – IP54
Tripod mount – 1/4″ and 5/8″
Battery type – 3 x 1.5V AA
Operating temperature – -10?C…+50?C
Working temperature – -20?C…+70?C
Laser class & type – Class 2; <1mW

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Dimensions 9999 cm


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