Bosch GAA 18 V-24 USB Battery Adaptor

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Bosch GAA 18 V-24 USB Charging Port

The GAA 18 V-24 USB battery adapter is intended for use with a Bosch 14.4V or 18V lithium-ion battery. The battery adapter has two USB ports and one heating element for the Bosch heated jackets.

You can use the USB ports on the GAA 18 V-24 battery adapter to increase the battery runtime of various battery-operated USB devices, such as mobile phones, MP3 players or tablet PC’s. Simply plug the charging cable of your USB device into the USB socket on the adapter and press the “on” button to activate the battery adapter. The On button lights up if the adapter is active. If no charger cable is connected, the USB ports are automatically disabled after 30 seconds and the “on” button goes out.

It has a high quality, metal belt clip which has no problem holding onto you when you want to carry it around with a battery attached.


  • Expand the use of your Bosch 14.4v / 18v batteries with this USB charging adapter
  • Metal Belt Clip for easy and convenient storage that can also be used for cable winding
  • Connect to a 14.4v or 18v Bosch lithium-ion battery and use the two high speed USB charging ports for simultaneously charging USB devices such as smartphones and tablets
  • Two high speed USB charging ports (1x 2.4A or 2x 1.2A)
  • Activation “on” button prevents discharge and damage to your battery cells
  • With this adapter you can now use your Bosch heated jacket with 14.4V / 18V batteries and stay heated for longer


  • Compatible With: Bosch 14.4v/18v Li-Ion Batteries
  • USB Port Charging Voltage: 5v
  • USB Charging Current (max.) for 1 USB Device: 2.4A*
  • USB Charging Current (max.) for 2 USB Device: 1.2A*
  • *Actual current depends on device connected
  • Heating Element Port Charging Voltage: 12v
  • Heating Element Charging Current (max.): 2.2A
  • Recommended Max Cable Length: 1.5m
  • Length: 95 mm
  • Width: 70 mm
  • Height: 40 mm
  • Weight: 125 g



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